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L'Anece Hair Growth Oil
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L'Anece Hair Growth Oil provides hair growth and healthy hair.L'Anece Hair Growth Oil is an original creation designed to grow hair longer, thicker, and healthier.
L'Anece Hair Growth Oil is proved to increase the monthly hair growth rate.  In many of our case studies, the oil has proved to increase hair length within 30 days.*  When the rate of hair growth is increased, users experience longer hair in a shorter time.  In fact, many users were unable to grow hair prior to using the oil.  After using the hair growth oil, users experience longer, thicker, and healthier hair.
Unlike other hair growth products, L'Anece Hair Growth Oil uses a unique blend of natural oils, herbs, and other natural ingredients found only in nature.  No harsh chemicals, emulsifiers or animal products are added.

Only genuine L'Anece Hair Growth Oil is manufactured in United States by L'Anece, Inc. Accept no substitute: look on our website for approved retail stores and hair salons. 
LAnece Hair Growth Oil provides hair growth and healthy hair.
L'Anece Hair Growth Oil provides hair growth and healthy hair.
LAnece Hair Growth Oil 4 oz
Price: $14.99

                                   *90% of our testers reported increased hair growth within 30 days with
.                                  consistent daily use (minimum of 5 days per week). Drastic changes in
                                   hair length took 6-7 months of consistent, daily use (average use of 3-5
                                   days per week).  Individual results vary and may not work the same for
                                   every individual. 
                                   See success stories for examples of hair growth from real users. 
                                   We are confident you'll be pleased with their results!     
 Which strength works best for you?
See recommendations below
What strength do we recommend? 
It depends on your hair length and it's totally up to you! 
Here's what we recommend, but be sure to decide based on your preferences:
Extra Strength - Short Hair
We recommend Extra Strength for short hair lengths to maximize the hair nutrients in your hair.  The Extra Strength is the original formula and has a medicated scent that is excellent for short hair and gives quick results.  Because of the short hair styles, the strong scent tends to lighten throughout the day.  We have found though that most of our customers prefer to use Extra Strength for maximum results regardless of their hair length.  This version is our best seller.  If you are concerned about the strong scent of the oil, we advise you to use the oil before bedtime to give time for the scent to wear off OR consider the regular or mild strengths.  Here are styles that would work great with the Extra Strength oil:
Regular Strength - Medium Hair
For medium hair lengths, we recommend regular strength.  The longer your hair, the less nutrients you need to reach your goal and this helps lighten the scent of the oil.  The Regular Strength grows your hair at a pleasing pace and medium hair females will be pleased.  Here are examples of medium hair lengths:
Mild Strength - Long Hair (Great for Teenagers too!)
For long hair, we recommend Mild Strength.  We recognize when individuals have longer hair, the scent of the Extra Strength tends to last longer because of the amount of hair it covers.  Therefore, we created a mild scent for longer hair.  The Mild Strength virtually has no scent and excellent for everyday use for long hair individuals.  The Mild Strength is also recommended for short and medium hair individuals if you want to use the oil without the medicated scent in between treating your hair with the Extra and Regular Strength oils.  The Mild Strength grows your hair longer at a steady pace and helps maintain your length without the scent of the Extra Strength oil.  Teenagers love this version best.  Here are examples of long hair lengths: