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“I've had the balding temple issue for over 10 years. I thought that it was a permanent, hereditary issue from both of my parents. Using the L'Anece Re-Growth & Thinning Treatment proved me wrong. I have hair on my temple areas. I also used the solution on an area in the front of my head where I used weave glue and pulled a patch of hair out. It was bald and stayed bald for over 3 months. After applying the treatment my hair is growing back! I am very pleased with the outcome and would gladly recommend it to others! Thanks L'Anece!
Ronshea, Tennessee
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Ronshea used L'Anece Re-Growth & Thinning Treatment for
3 months (90 day supply).
If you are experiencing thinning or balding, we recommend using L'Anece Re-Growth & Thinning Treatment for 3 months to grow your hair back.*  Use consistently either once per day or twice per day depending on how bad the condition.  Once your hair grows back full, we recommend using the treatment once per week or as needed to maintain healthy scalp.
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Short on Cash?  We offer a 30 day supply for those short on cash, but want to get started right away!
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90 day supply (recommended)                                                                                                         
LAnece Re-Growth & Thinning Treatment 90 day supply
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30 day supply
LAnece ReGrowth & Thinning Treatment 30 day supply
Price: $20.00

*90% of our testers report hair thinning/balding resolved after 3 months of consistent, daily use.  Individual results vary and may not work the same for everyone.  Ronshea is a real story and user.  Her results are based upon her using the products consistently for 3 months. 
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